How to Declutter Office Space to Increase Productivity

How to Declutter Office Space to Increase Productivity

Decluttering with a healthy amount of an organizational overhaul not only sanitizes a space, it can also elevate work quality, boost efficiency, and improve one’s health. Here are a few things everyone can do, big or small.

The Future of Workspace: How Tech Companies are Redefining Offices

Tech companies themselves have influenced office layouts with their cool adaptation of their developments at work to increase collaboration and employee satisfaction. Other industries can learn a thing or two from these tech companies with mind-blowing offices. Your favorite might be in the list below.

The Evolution of Flexible Workspace

The rise of collaboration and the continuing evolution of the way people work now begs for new needs in the workplace, namely a flexible workspace with open areas and multifunctional rooms. Now, it’s not so odd to hear the terms “coworking space” or “telecommuting.”