7 Big Companies in Ortigas with World Class Office Design

The Ortigas center we know today boasts a very rich history.

Tracing it back to its roots, it was once a barren and unused land known as the Hacienda de Mandalayon. Covering a total of 4,033 hectares, the land was originally owned by Augustinian Priests and was eventually sold in the 1920s and developed by the Ortigas family. 

This marked the beginning of the area’s development and birth of a business district. 

In the 1960s, it started to become a financial center with the erection of the Chronicle building, Meralco building, and Asian Development Bank complex. The year 1986 saw the rise of the iconic EDSA Shrine and was followed by the construction of different commercial and residential establishments, just to name a few. Ortigas is home to popular attractions such as the Robinsons Galleria Complex, and SM Megamall, and the Shangri-La Plaza and Hotel.

Fast-forward to present time, Ortigas has turned into a commercial, residential, and technological hub. Due to its strategic location, settling in the area poses a number of benefits to both businesses and residents. First, it’s located in the heart of 3 cities (Mandaluyong, Pasig, and Quezon City) which makes it easily accessible. Second, it has an excellent mix of attractions, activity centers, and living spaces. Third, one can easily find career opportunities due to the many offices that have decided to call Ortigas their own Silicon Valley. 

Currently covering a total area of 1.083 million sqm, the Ortigas Center Administration Inc. has been responsible for the development and maintenance of the district. As more people continue to settle in the area, the land’s value is expected to rise in the years to come.

From media offices to banks, you can find a number of local and multinational companies at every corner of the prime business district. As global office culture continues to evolve, you can now find various businesses in the area that have taken a modern approach with their workspace.  

Take a look at some companies in Ortigas with world-class office design.

7 Big Companies in Ortigas with World Class Office Design

Your office design has two primary purposes. First, it serves as the foundation of your company’s culture and branding. Inviting business partners over at your office space will set an impression and cement your credibility as a business entity.

Second, it sets the pace for both individual and company performance. Your employees can be extra motivated and productive with an office space that they feel inspired and comfortable in. While it’s a given that an office space should assist your employees in carrying out their daily tasks, you should also consider the aesthetics and ergonomics.

These are two crucial reasons for the overall success of your business. The companies mentioned above have elevated their office space by learning and adopting office design trends around the world. If you’re planning to give your office a makeover, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

  • Make sure everything is consistent. Your lobby’s design should complement your pantry, conference rooms, and workspaces. Consistency reflects the planning and execution of the office space’s overall design.
  • Designate areas for contemplation, relaxation, reflection, and rest. Help your employees manage their energy and stress effectively. These areas should let them take their minds off work and exercise their minds with extracurricular activities.
  • Employees have different work preferences. Letting them choose between a variety of furniture, multi-functional conference rooms, quiet areas, and green spaces can give them a better sense of control over their work. 
  • Open spaces encourage interaction and develop camaraderie in the process. 
  • Color is a powerful communication tool that can be used to influence moods and express identity. You can match the color of a specific space in your office with its purpose.    
  • Putting decorations such as toys or knick-knacks can spice up a room’s overall vibe.
  • A room’s atmosphere can be defined by lighting alone. Natural lighting is the most preferred type of illumination as it makes the employees feel productive and motivated.
  • Your office design reflects your overall branding. Give emphasis to your brand’s identity and establish your brand’s presence by choosing the right furniture, decorations, and color combinations.

Getting the most out of your employees starts by giving them an environment they can excel in. Structured spaces primarily serve a practical and aesthetic use, but most employers often overlook its ability to maintain one’s well-being. Your office should not only help employees perform their tasks; it should also be a place where they can find comfort in after a day’s work.

Power in Design

Now that a lot of companies are starting to reap the benefits of a modern office setup, traditional workspaces are starting to become a thing of the past. As the world’s office culture continues to transform, your workspace should also adapt to the trends of the time, especially with office design.

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