#1 Flexible Workspace Provider
in the Philippines

The office environment makes a world of difference to your business’ development. It helps streamline your processes for better productivity and an effective way to boost your brand. With Figari, you can acquire the highest quality of facility management services.

Welcome to Figari

Singapore-owned company Figari was founded in 2011 to address the needs of organizations for competitive and world-class office facilities, as well as exceptional outsourcing solutions, at the most economical costs.

The objective is to effectively manage and provide office facilities, support, and IT services for the clients. With this approach, Figari has proven itself to be a leader, with over 3000 seats in Manila. Figari aligns seamlessly with the clients’ values and objectives to gear towards realizing their shared goals of having and providing globally-renowned facilities.

Facilities Leasing

Getting an office in the city’s central business districts and prime locations is critical when it comes to establishing your brand. Have limited time and budget? Fret not, because Figari’s facilities will give you the best, most cost-effective deal for that ideal workspace with topnotch facilities.


Make your workspace more than just the usual four corners. Boost your employees’ creativity and productivity with a working environment that caters to your business’ function and culture. Let the experts at Figari come up with a look and layout that is uniquely yours through construction and design & fit-out.

IT Services

Figari offers full IT services that aim to build your business through dedicated hardware and software management. We have a wide range of services, including providing top quality equipment and full network management for all your needs. Allow us to help your business stay updated about the latest tech trends and secure against cybersecurity threats.

Managed Services

Keep your business afloat even with minimal operational overhead costs and risks, while still implementing best practices to maintain robust infrastructure. Figari will help you focus on your core business by helping with your back end business activities.

Latest Blog

Learn more about facilities management and leasing, as well as relevant industry news, trends, and statistics from the Figari blog.

Contact Us

Elevate your office environment and amenities and watch your returns improve. Get in touch with our experts today.

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