Figari Elevates Entrepreneurial Excellence in Asia CEO Awards 2023

Asia CEO Awards stands as the premier business accolade in the Philippines, claiming the title of the largest event of its kind in Southeast Asia. Its primary objective is to position the Philippines as the ultimate business hub for global enterprises. 

The 14th Asia CEO Awards 2023 took place at the Manila Marriott on October 24, bringing together over 1,100 of the nation’s foremost leaders.

Leadership Spotlight: Asia CEO Awards with Figari Solutions

This event showcased exceptional talents and accomplishments within the business community. Among the sponsor companies is Figari Group that did not only shine as one of the award sponsors, but also remained an active participant to help recognize wonderful and skilled talents in the industry. 

Sponsoring the Entrepreneur of the Year Award is one way of giving back to the business community and for promoting continuous professional development. This award exemplifies Figari’s active commitment to recognizing and promoting entrepreneurial excellence. 

Championing Innovation, Celebrating Leadership of Fellow Entrepreneurs

This year’s Figari Groups’ Entrepreneur of the Year award was open to individuals who started their business from the ground up. This award recognizes their sheer effort and dedication to build their enterprises into larger organizations that fostered job creation and improvement of our economy.

They continue to provide their services and products despite unforeseen challenges along their journey. Not only do they show grit and resilience but they continue to be a sympathetic leaders to their team members. They are not just focused on their personal success but they also look at and acknowldege the whole team’s efforts and actions for the company.

The recent winner of this award is a pioneer of his own endeavor and he continues to strive to extend the business growth to more people, which will then allow their businesses to expand and spread out to multiple locations.

There are many circle of excellence awardees for this coveted recognition yet Jesus Joey T. Marcelo, the CEO of Sante International, Inc. emerges as a beacon of entrepreneurial excellence.  

The Asia CEO Awards 2023’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award, serves as a testament to Marcelo’s passion to furthering his organization and its audience reach.

Jesus Joey T. Marcelo as The Entrepreneur of the Year Winner

The heart of the Asia CEO Awards lies in acknowledging outstanding achievements, and this year’s Entrepreneur of the Year winner stands as a testament to exceptional leadership and innovation. 

Through the Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Figari wants to showcase and recognize the efforts of an amazing entrepreneur that takes care of the business, his people, and his loyal patrons. Marcelo was recognized as this award’s recepient. His and his enterprise’s dedication to helping people through their products has made an indelible mark to the whole business industry. 

“The award that I received right now signifies the effort, not only of the executive commitee of the company but all of our distributors all over the globe. The reason why I’m here is because of them.” He said.

“I’m happy to say that with this award we’ll be inspiring more and more Filipinos all over the globe to rise and shine in the world of entrepreneurs.” He added.

Joey Marcelo is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Direct Selling Business. He is a strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering and a Masters Degree in Business Management from De La Salle University. He has been working on growing his business, Sante International Incorporated since 2007. 

Sante International, Inc. Aims for Hollistic Wellness

Santé stands as a rapidly expanding global distribution and direct selling enterprise committed to enhancing people’s lives. Specializing in premium organic health and wellness products and services, Santé aims to elevate the quality of life for individuals worldwide.

The company actively fosters business expansion by collaborating with devoted and independent business owners. Grounded in a commitment to delivering wellness products and services that enhance lives, Santé is dedicated to supporting and empowering its network of business owners. These partners play a pivotal role in promoting healthy and active lifestyles, aligning with Santé’s overarching mission to bring value to every home.

Figari’s Move to Recognizing the Entrepreneurial Mindset

The award highlights Figari’s recognition of an outstanding team leader and his ability to provide reliable services while at the same time furthering his company. This year’s awardee, Marcelo, embodies Figari’s values, one of which is expanding business operations while maintaining the heart for quality service.

Throughout the years, Figari has been dedicated to provide business solutions, office leasing, construction, technology and managed services to help better growing businesses. At the same time, the new CEO awardee continues to widen his team’s reach and provide quality products just as Figari is and has been doing. 

Brand Engagement and Recognition of Figari to Other Entrepreneurs

For Figari, the Entrepreneurship of the Year Award is not just a sponsorship; it’s a deeply personal connection. Engaging with entrepreneurs globally on a daily basis, Figari understands the heart and soul of entrepreneurship. Supporting entrepreneurship is not just critical to economic growth but an investment in the engines of innovation. 

Entrepreneurs, through their ventures, create jobs, drive economic development, and inspire the next generation. By recognizing and celebrating their achievements, Figari envisions contributing to the creation of a more vibrant, dynamic, and prosperous business community.

Inspiration in Sponsorship: Figari’s Call to the Business Community

Figari’s sponsorship is more than a recognition—it’s an invitation for other organizations to step onto the stage of excellence. 

By actively realizing the impact of business awards and recognitions for business leaders, decision-makers, and stakeholders, anyone in the business community can glean insights into the positive impact of sponsorship. 

Consider Sponsorship, Secure Excellence

Figari aims to drive future participation. Through their sponsorship, the company sets a precedent for how organizations can enhance their brand presence. 

Inspire yours and as well as other organizations to join this symphony of recognition, contributing to the business community while securing your own excellence in the process. 

Join the conversation on social media, comment on the article, and share thoughts on the importance of recognizing entrepreneurship. Let’s continue to urge businesses to consider sponsorship opportunities at future awarding events to enhance their brand visibility and impact within the business community.