4 Industries That Are Thriving in a Flexible Workspace

As one of the fastest-growing trends around the globe, it’s hard to deny the impact the sharing economy brings. People would rather rent from someone rather than own exclusively. This has paved the way for the creation of a host of companies with share-based models.

The success of businesses like Grab and Airbnb have inspired both brands and consumers to adopt a culture of sharing, networking, and collaboration. Now that people are starting to rent and share their resources as a form of business, we’re seeing the emergence and growth of flexible office spaces.  

Today you can find a number of companies across various industries who have benefited by moving away from traditional office setups. 

Other than just saving up money used for rent and other utilities, flexible office spaces have a lot of intangible benefits. By providing your employees with a sense of control, community, and comfort, a flexible office space will allow them to satisfy their needs both inside and outside the workplace.

Take a look at this infographic to learn more!

4 Industries That Are Thriving in a Flexible Workplace

Flexibility is the Key

As the landscape of business continuously evolves, the demands of the modern world and the needs of people will change as well. 

The average employee already spends at least 8 hours at work a day. In most cases, this can make it difficult to maintain a good work-life balance, causing people to prefer working from home or deciding to become a freelancer. While these work arrangements may allow the liberty of time and control, there are still drawbacks that can not be ignored. 

Luckily, operating in a flexible workspace can give you the experience of working in an office while having the same control as if you are working from home.

More than just fancy coffee machines, groovy decorations, and transformable beer pong tables to help employees celebrate the end of a long week of work, an environment that allows one to satisfy his/her daily needs will make the office a pleasant place to be in. 

Now that work-life balance is becoming the main priority of individuals, the company that makes use of an office setup that gives employees the liberty of time and the chance to control the way they want to work will be the main winners in the recruitment race and in staff retention.

From Boring to Flexible

Excellent workspaces are needed to produce excellent results. The industries mentioned above have found their success in a flexible workspace because it provides a solid and effective support for their business processes and their employees.

When companies are attuned to the needs and preferences of the workforce, it results in better engagement and retention. Break free from traditional office setups and embrace the future! Whether your company is already established or if you’re an entrepreneur who aspires to create the next big thing, an excellent workspace is essential to hasten your brand’s growth. 

Gone are the days of stiff and enclosed workstations. Make the office a fun place to be in.  As the Philippines’ #1 flexible workspace provider, contact us today to take your office space to the next level!