Recap of ACA 2023’s Forums: Figari’s Unique Stand

The Asia CEO organizes the biggest business forums and summits in the country. This includes the dominant business awards event, Asia CEO Awards. It encompasses different industries such as HR, Finance, Real Estate, Business, Bank Tech, and Diversity among others. 

In these events, companies expand networks and attract potential customers as forum sponsors. The primary goal is to help businesses grow and enhance their brands. These forums not only share valuable insights and experiences but also celebrate businesses’ achievements in their careers and professional journeys. It’s a gathering of like-minded individuals passionate about business and excellence.

Throughout this year 2023, there were many events, held at the Manila Marriott, that recognize the hardwork and dedication of these amazing and persevering professionals. Through these forums, they got the chance to be celebrated for their relentless passion and persistence. Also, they got to meet their peers and new faces inside and outside their field of expertise. 

Asia HR Forum 2023 – June 15

The Asia HR Forum 2023 happened last June 15 and was sponsored by Figari Group as the Title Sponsor, reshaped HR perceptions. Participants delved into innovative ideas and strategies, addressing workplace issues from employer branding to DEI. 

Notably, the event explored the evolving role of HR Officers towards becoming Chief Executive Officers, encouraging attendees to envision themselves as global leaders. Featuring distinguished presenters from the USA, South Africa, Singapore, and the Philippines, the forum aimed to elevate Filipino leaders. The overarching goal was to empower attendees as world-class leaders, enhancing their people leadership abilities for success on the global stage.

Asia Real Estate Forum 2023 – August 24

On August 24, 2023, the Asia Real Estate Forum had Figari, Megawide, and SB Finance as major sponsors. The event presented a unique opportunity for stakeholders to immerse themselves in a dynamic landscape where economic growth, demographic shifts, and evolving trends converged, signaling a flourishing market. The Philippines, poised for a real estate boom, witnessed a surge fueled by millions transitioning into the global middle class, spurring demand for living, working, and recreational spaces.

Jen Dela Cruz, representing Figari, shared insights into the changing world of office spaces. She emphasized the demand for offices, surpassing other work setups, and explored the unique culture and career development found in physical offices—experiences rooted in connections, interactions, and relationships often lacking in remote work scenarios.

She underscored the importance of relationships for personal and career development. Citing studies, Jen emphasized the compelling reason drawing people back to the office—the genuine care colleagues have for one another. This human aspect, she noted, remains irreplaceable and distinct from remote work environments.

Asia Diversity Forum 2023 – September 14

The Asia Diversity Forum 2023, presented by iCXeed on September 14, focused on innovation in diversity, equity, and inclusion. This gathering aimed to showcase Filipino commitment in the business industry. The event featured inspiring keynote speakers addressing organizational frameworks for fair treatment and universal participation. 

Thought leaders, activists, and influencers spearheaded initiatives emphasizing the significance of workplace belonging. Hands-on sessions tackled unconscious bias, microaggressions, and effective communication strategies. Initiated by Arthur Nowak, CEO of iCXeed, a leading expert in customer experience management, the forum attracted industry experts. iCXeed, a venture-funded business process innovator, specializes in contact center services and CX digital journey orchestration.

Asia Bank Tech Forum 2023 – November 8

The Asia Bank Tech Forum 2023, held last November 8 and sponsored by Grover Consult, CyFirma, Feedzai, and NewGen, brought financial industry professionals together to explore the integration of tech innovations. Led by Krishan Grover, Strategic Advisor of Grover Consult, the forum emphasized the link between risk-taking and opportunities in the financial sector, highlighting AI’s pivotal role in industry growth.

Speakers, including Grover and Undersecretary David Almirol from the Department of Information and Communications Technology, shared insights on navigating the AI landscape, next-gen banking technologies, and innovations such as low-code. The event underscored how AI, cyber risk, eCommerce, digital transformation, and fintech are transforming the financial sector, providing valuable insights into improving customer experiences, optimizing operations, and enhancing security.

Figari’s Passionate Involvement: Sponsorship Beyond Borders

The ACA 2023 encompassed four distinct forums – Asia Diversity, Asia Bank Tech, Asia Real Estate, and Asia HR, each offering unique perspectives on crucial aspects of the business landscape. Figari, as a prominent participant and an active major sponsor for two events, brought its insightful stand to the discussions. 

At the Asia Real Estate Forum 2023, Figari, represented by Jen Dela Cruz, shared insights on fostering a workplace culture that promotes belonging and inclusivity. Figari also presented the Asia HR Forum 2023, where they highlighted the unique aspects of office work and the strategic role of HR in building world-class organizations.

Figari’s commitment to shaping crucial business dialogues was demonstrated through sponsorship of key events—the Asia Real Estate Forum 2023 and the Asia HR Forum 2023. As major sponsors, Figari played a leading role in discussions influencing the future of real estate and human resources.

Through sponsorship, Figari showcased not only dedication to industry growth but also gained a platform for sharing valuable insights and innovative solutions. In the Asia Real Estate Forum, Figari actively participated in discussions on economic shifts, evolving trends, and innovative investment prospects. This not only enhanced Figari’s brand presence but also solidified its role as a thought leader and catalyst for positive change in these crucial business domains.

Figari’s eagerness to contribute goes beyond transactions, reflecting a genuine desire to shape the future of real estate and HR. This underscores Figari’s steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation across the business landscape.

Charting the Future: Figari’s Continuing Influence in Industry Conversations

The Asia CEO Awards 2023 hosted four enlightening forums, shaping dynamic discussions on the evolving business landscape. Figari, a key participant, enriched the conversations with its unique perspectives.

Figari’s sponsorship of the Asia Real Estate Forum 2023 and the Asia HR Forum 2023 surpassed financial support; it embodied a strategic commitment to drive conversations and foster positive change. Actively participating in these events, Figari maintained a prominent voice, offering valuable insights and innovative solutions. Going beyond sponsorship, Figari became an active participant, making a lasting impact on discussions shaping the future of real estate and human resources.

Reflecting on these events, we urge businesses and professionals to actively engage in award ceremonies, forums, and industry discussions. This exchange of ideas not only elevates individual businesses but also contributes to the collective growth of industries.

Figari’s journey continues beyond these events. Explore involvement opportunities, share insights, and participate in transformative discussions. Join us in award events, forums, and raise your voice. Figari welcomes you to be an active participant, shaping narratives, and contributing to the evolution of bank tech, diversity, real estate, HR, and beyond. Together, let’s pave the way for a future marked by innovation, collaboration, and lasting impact.

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