Grow your business through flexible leasing terms and customized IT services.

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Figari understands that each company needs different IT services, depending on the nature of business. We offer customized IT services to cater to your needs, may it be IT equipment, information, connectivity management, IT support manpower services or IT consultancy.”

Figari offers a full range of IT services, from internet connectivity management to equipment leasing, set up and operational support management.

What we offer

We aim to provide customized services that best fits your organizational needs.

IT equipment Leasing| Figari Group

IT equipment Leasing

High-quality Technology for rent to help you focus and achieve your business goals

Managed Internet Connectivity | Figari Group

Managed Internet Connectivity

Customized Internet and bandwidth packages for all your company needs

Infrastructure Support | Figari Group

Infrastructure Support

Complete setup and management of your infrastructure needs.

24/7 User Support | Figari Group

24/7 User Support

Direct, fast, and round-the-clock access to support that will answer your concerns.

Our IT Services

  • IT Equipment Leasing – Acquire first-class network equipment, desktop pc PC sets, laptops, and other IT equipment through OPEX approach
  • Complete Infrastructure Setup and Management – Network setups available for your wired and wireless needs
  • IT Help Desk – In-house and offsite IT support for your company, with ticketing system for proper tracking and management of all support requests
  • Device Management – Protect all company and employee-owned devices connected on your network
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – Continuous data protection and secure backup service
  • IT Consultancy – Learn the best infrastructure design as well as project implementation strategies from our experts
  • Remote Monitoring – Automated alarm notification system for quick resolution of incidents